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PlotArmor Studios Posts

It’s been a While

26 April 2021 | Leonardo

Hey everyone, many stressful days and two coronavirus infections later (me and Samuele), we’re finally back working almost daily on our projects and I could find the time to write this post! Good News As a famous videogame character once said: “Good news, everyone!” Due to our projects not being able to keep us afloat financially and the general instability of our situation, me and Samuele got a job in IT in northern Italy; it’s…

The Music of Emotions, the Emotions of Music

25 June 2020 | Gianluca

Hello everyone!We really hope you’re all having some beautiful days, especially in this period. Don’t forget to never give up and to always catch the positive part from the negative. I was thinking about making a post related to what I’m doing, about music, sounds and how they affect people’s emotions (especially when playing a videogame).So… here I am. Music for videogames Some days ago I was sitting and writing some music for Enkindled (shh,…

Regarding the current situation with Coronavirus

16 March 2020 | Leonardo

Hello everyone, in light of the recent outbreak in Italy of Covid-19 we’re announcing a change of pace with the development of Enkindled. We took some time to make the transition from office work to remote work. (Our current office is located right in the middle of the country) All our workflows/pipelines are now fully functional again, albeit reasonably slower. Fortunately enough, nobody from our team got infected and we’re all more or less in…

Rough Sea, Quiet Sea

7 February 2020 | Leonardo

Hello everyone! It’s been a few months since our last update here on the blog, although we’ve been posting all kinds of content on our social channels. (Check them out if you haven’t :P) As I’m writing this Samuele, the Art Director, is taking some time home due to a particularly annoying flu; hopefully he’ll be back in the studio next week ready to finish Enkindled’s First Act. So I took the opportunity to write…

Let the Journey begin!

21 November 2019 | Leonardo

Hello everyone, we are PlotArmor Studios and this is our new website. All four of us here wish you a warm welcome. We really hope this is the start of a long path, for better or for worse, and for this very reason we’ve decided to open this little blog. Here we’ll get to know each other, write down frustrating months, share development challenges and w.i.p. sneak peeks. We hope reading these can help any…