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Published 16 March 2020

Hello everyone,

in light of the recent outbreak in Italy of Covid-19 we’re announcing a change of pace with the development of Enkindled. We took some time to make the transition from office work to remote work. (Our current office is located right in the middle of the country) All our workflows/pipelines are now fully functional again, albeit reasonably slower. Fortunately enough, nobody from our team got infected and we’re all more or less in good health conditions. We’ll keep working like this until the emergency has passed.

Sadly, the very first event where we would have showcased Enkindled has been cancelled:
(Announcement in italian)

We naturally look forward to attending as many Italian events as possible to let players experience Enkindled. The virus may have disheartened us a little bit, but we still keep working everyday on our current project with the same passion and enthusiasm.

As always, thank you for reading. Even more in these demanding times.