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Published 25 June 2020

Hello everyone!
We really hope you’re all having some beautiful days, especially in this period. Don’t forget to never give up and to always catch the positive part from the negative.

I was thinking about making a post related to what I’m doing, about music, sounds and how they affect people’s emotions (especially when playing a videogame).
So… here I am.

Music for videogames

Some days ago I was sitting and writing some music for Enkindled (shh, everything is still a secret!), and I just realized how different this is from the music we listen to daily. The difference is not only in composition, but also in listening.

For example, when we are in a bus and we listen to music, we imagine things in accordance with the music. It guides, leads and conducts our imagination. Of course this is purely subjective but, in that moment, your imagination and emotions depend on the music you’re listening to.
When we are playing a videogame, instead, the whole videogame is what leads our emotions. There’s no imagination here: just you and the videogame. In this situation, music holds an important role during the whole experience: it can widely change your feelings, emotions and what you get from that videogame.

Here comes the difference.

I’ve never composed music exclusively for videogames before and this has been a tough challenge for me.

I think the main factor of this difference is the homogeneity: the music must tend to make everyone feel the same emotions. You will never know the people who will play the game and therefore how/what they will feel.

Experience and practice play an important role here. Though, in my opinion, creativity will be the key for uniqueness!

I think that’s all…

…for now!

More updates are on the way, stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this little update!