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Published 26 April 2021

Hey everyone,

many stressful days and two coronavirus infections later (me and Samuele), we’re finally back working almost daily on our projects and I could find the time to write this post!

Good News

As a famous videogame character once said: “Good news, everyone!” Due to our projects not being able to keep us afloat financially and the general instability of our situation, me and Samuele got a job in IT in northern Italy; it’s the same company that Vittorio already works at, and we couldn’t be happier that we get to stick together in the same city in these trying times.

This means, among other things, that we’ll move out from our families for the first time. We’ll be financially independent, too. And the plan remains to work on our projects in our free time until one day we’ll hopefully be financially stable enough to make the big move and finally found our company.


About 5 months ago, between November and December of last year, when we understood we would have to put Enkindled in standby, the idea for a new IP came. We thought about this situation, which brough a lot of necessary isolation. We imagined an online game capable of quickly bringing random strangers together and allowing them to enjoy fun little games. Obviously, the platform of choice for such an idea had to be mobile.

Thus Lonelings was born. We slowly flashed out the initial concept to what it is now. If the last closed beta test goes well, we should be ready to launch in a week. I won’t tell you much more, just visit the dedicated page and make sure to follow our journey as we’ll be updating the game as best as we can, with the time we have.

See You In Game

We hope you’ll give Lonelings a try. We’re proud of the work that was put into it and we’re already working on a new planet which we’d like to ship before diving in this new job and the whole moving out process. I’ll give just one small hint: bees!

Thank you, as always.