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Meet the team protected by plot armor

Leonardo Formichetti's photo

Leonardo Formichetti

Having been a gamer since his early childhood, Leonardo co-founded PlotArmor Studios as a Game Programmer & Designer. His videogames experience spans pretty much any genre, with Gothic 2, World of Warcraft and Super Smash Bros being among his favourite titles. (Yeah, he’s eclectic like that) More recently he hopped back on League of Legends after a long hiatus, finally achieving Diamond in season 9. When he’s not in front of a PC or console, he regularly plays table tennis to help keep in shape!

Vittorio Ventimiglia's photo

Vittorio Ventimiglia

Vittorio’s dazzling passion is movies, be it musicals, novels or cinematography; he enjoys putting himself to test with pretty much any genre. After a brief singing and songwriting phase and thanks to several dramaturgy courses, he joined PlotArmor Studios as a Storyteller and Screenwriter. Aside from writing, he enjoys a range of activities with a focus on those that allow him to be in close contact with people: after all, it’s well known that each individual carries a story within waiting to be told.

Samuele Petrucci's photo

Samuele Petrucci

“Less is More”. This quote heavily shaped Samuele’s journey through Art, across all its forms. He’s the other co-founder of PlotArmor Studios, directing and bringing to life each and every little detail that make up our graphics, while still lending a hand in game design. Everything he learnt, he did by himself: graduating in Computer Science definitely didn’t give him the chance to do otherwise. His favorite work when it comes to game art is hands down World of Warcraft, which so perfectly incarnates the statement above.

Gianluca Di Francesco's photo

Gianluca Di Francesco

Gianluca has always loved music and games, seeing them as an art and, therefore, as a way to express people’s feelings and emotions. Starving for music, he studied guitar, music theory and audio production for several years. When the chance came to life, he started to work at PlotArmor Studios as a Composer, Producer and Sound Designer, doing one of the things he always wanted to do: making music for games. Besides music and games, he loves programming and is currently a software developer.