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Enkindled trailer coming soon.

“An old-school third person adventure with an original script and dark themes”

Ricky suddenly wakes up in the middle of night only to find himself locked up in his own room. What’s going on? He quickly grabs his trustworthy plush, unaware of the mystery that lies ahead of him.


Solve Puzzles

Enkindled - Screenshot 1

Every puzzle, big or small, helps push the narrative forward. They are tightly linked to the game environment too, so that you’re always doing something in context with the story.


Explore the House

Enkindled - Screenshot 2

We’ve drawn a little inspiration from american suburban houses of the 1960s. While venturing in the basement, or having a look in the upper floor, there will be many details to observe and analyze which shed light on Ricky’s family.


Discover what Acceptance really means

Enkindled - Screenshot 3

Right from the get go, Enkindled challenges your assumptions on its story leaving you wanting to find out more. It’s an hand crafted experience, and we hope you’ll have a wonderful time living it as much as we had shaping it.

Enkindled is coming next year on Windows/Mac/Linux via STEAM

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Enkindled - Screenshot 4
Enkindled - Screenshot 5
Enkindled - Screenshot 6